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Connecting Lives Thru Performance & Outreach to Cultivate an Artistically Enriched Community.


Junction Dance Co was founded in 2018 in Salt Lake City, Utah by Maryland native Megan Adelsberger. Megan's dream was to create a Nonprofit Organization unlike anything she had ever seen before! Her vision involved bridging gaps between age, race, religion, sexual orientation, street and concert styles of dance.


The name "Junction" was inspired by it's literal definition of different roads meeting in one place. Within the company, this represents the various walks of life and unique talents coming together as one to create pure magic in the classroom, on stage, and within our community!


Our logo made up of the intertwined circle and triangle symbolizes connection through diversity. Junction is a sacred space without judgment, boundaries, or separation uplifting a perspective of love, unity, and celebration! 

  1. Save lives through dance. 

  2. Encourage artistic expression to inspire healing. 

  3. Instill purpose in individuals throughout the community. 

  4. Build long lasting and impactful relationships through creative collaboration. 

  5. Uplift and celebrate local artists.

  6. Preserve cultural authenticity by providing in depth, diverse training.

  7. Fortify professional outlets for projects and performance. 

  8. Commitment to developing supported careers in the arts. 

  9. Create local and international opportunities, events, performances, and outreach to unite with communities around the world. 



Junction Dance Co is a 501(c)3 Nonprofit Organization whose mission is connecting lives thru performance & outreach to cultivate an artistically enriched community. AmazonSmile, Smith's Inspiring Donations, and GoFundMe are ways you can start to support us today!


Each donation directly supports our non-profit dance organization that provides a unique training experience, creative collaboration, artistic performance opportunity, and above all community.

Smith's Inspiring Donations
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